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Download Zoiper for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version: 5.4.6

Zoiper Overview:

A lightweight and easy-to-use IAX and SIP-compatible softphone program, Zoiper (the evolution of the Idefisk). It allows multiple SIP / IAX accounts to be configured and has multiple lines (up to six concurrent calls).

The softphone contains all planned functions, such as an address book, carrying, switching, conference, and voicemail keys. It also has a fax sending option (supporting T.38 fax over IP) and compatibility via its SIP and IAX profiles with several PBX and VoIP providers.


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This computer is very basic but requires advanced settings. It has a very simple interface. The codecs are supported: U-law, a-law, GSM, iLBC 20 and 30, Speex, G729 (for a surcharge). For Windows, Linux and Mac versions are available.

The following languages are assisted by ZoIPer: English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. For advanced users and businesses, I certainly suggest this app. It is free to download and update it with a business license as a demo (fewer features).

The Zoiper app lets you keep in contact with others. You can see that Zoiper is a VoIP software that allows immediate messaging, voice, and video chat features accessible. You may use it to connect with others by means of IMs, an audio call, or a video call.

For multiple platforms, Zoiper is accessible. It is available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux-powered desktops. It is possible with Android, iOS, or Windows Phone is driven by cell phones. Finally, it’s possible to use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Windows Opéra as a browser plug-in.

It takes little time and effort to get Zoiper up and running on a Windows PC. This is because you will be helping to install Zoiper on your Windows PC through a quick setup wizard.

More About Zoiper:

Zoiper has a tabbed interface that supports multiple languages and supports skins. Zoiper uses black skin, which is characterized by default “a classy black skin with a professional and exquisite feeling. There are several other skins: Zoiper Phone interface and Zoiper Phone interface2, a classically mobile dial-pad skin, and Zoiper Silskin. There are several other skins accessible.

Zoiper comes as a free and premium edition. You can find that these characteristics reserved for the premium edition when exploring the Zoiper GUI. The benefits of upgrading to the premium edition described in the Preferences menu; more specifically, in the Premium segment.

As advertised, Zoiper works. It is a useful tool to keep in contact with others through instant messages, audio calls, or voice & video chat. A specially designed SIP and IAX / IAX2 telephone utility for users requiring video chatting with any VoIP or PBX.

Zoiper is a method that avoids the interference and surveillance of data by third parties for calling your VOIP, email, and e-mails. All your contacts accessed easily and safely from various apps in a single window. If your contacts do not include any of the messages or calls you get a day, please check who you want to communicate within the folders.

Besides having your contacts in an individual window, you can also obtain a single interface with all communication options. Such as, message, call, e-mail, etc. to assist you in ensuring that your contacts share all your data.


This program allows the use of all of your computers. You may not need to use special equipment or software. It is compatible with all existing devices and systems. This VoIP solution also increases the quality of your contact. Click to find the CRM integration number, and some of the functions can be found in the thumbnail plug-ins.


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Calls between users of Zoiper are free of charge. If you speak with other apps or service providers to customers, you will also obtain discounted rates. It can therefore be a low budget application that is not only ideal for individual use, but also for business purposes. It can be considered. Zoiper is an application that can provide users with encrypted connexions to help them maintain safe to speak.

Zoiper is an easy and secure software package whose main aim is to help users with their families, friends, co-workers, and business partners make voice and video calls. The software enables you to use any VoIP or PBX you want, unlike other applications, such as Skype.

When you first run Zoiper, you have to set up the microphones, microphone, and camera in your program, and then make sure it works well. Next, you need to build a new SIP, IAX, or XMPP account by specifying the correct username, password, and domain credentials.

The application’s main window is intuitive and easy to use. With its multifunctional GUI, all available contacts can be handled and organized, every call log view is accessible, and the status is changed to ‘Online.’

Better Assistance:

You can manually enter other contacts, import from a different source, or find contacts already in the program by using the Contacts register. Zoiper offers helpful assistants to instruct you through all the steps you need. Data like name, country, city, and telephone numbers can be listed, and an image can be allocated for each contact.

The Dialpad tab shows a virtual telephone machine with buttons and checks that any number you like can be dialed. You may also begin chatting or call a video. One important feature is that Zoiper integrates with numerous mail clients like Outlook, Lotus Organizer, Thunderbird, and even browser so that any communication you want can be named.

To complete it, Zoiper is an easy and reliable solution for making different video calls easily and handling all contacts, distributing faxes, and start chatting with your friends.

Zoiper’s VoIP, video, and word chat application is a rich feature, targeted at users who wish, directly on their Windows PCs and laptop, to take full advantage of the SIP and IAX / IAX2 telephone service and a broad range of support systems and devices. Created from the ground up, this communication app will securely encrypt your VoIP calls, preventing others from evoking any converse, whether they’re done by audio, text, or video. The app has designed to integrate current security and privacy technologies

Zoiper introduces its collaboration tools inside a very friendly and simple multi-tab interface close to many other popular VoIP applications. When the app begins, users need their input and output services to be configured (for example setting their microphone and video-camera) and new accounts for SIP, IAX, or XMPP services signed in or created.


The vast majority of the application designs concentrate on the conventional listing of available contacts. Which imported either manually or automatically using built-in wizards that search the contact databases for Outlook, Windows, LDAP. As well as, XMPP, XCAP, Android, and iOS, and large user profile windows for text, audio, and video sessions.

You can also relay messages to real-world fixed numbers worldwide through an integrated Fax service. With available presets for “Open,” “Invisible,” “Away” or “Be Right Back,” your open status can be fully regulated. Fixed and mobile communications performed inside the Dialpad tab, which allows you access to a virtual interface where any number can be dialed.

Zoiper Desktop stored in a repository greater than any of its rivals, which is about 150 MB due to its wide range of functions. Fortunately, the installation process is easy and users only need to follow the simple on-screen instructions.


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Zoiper is 100 % FREE, but some of its advanced features include the acquisition of virtual credits for phone and cell telephone calls, fax mailing, and more. This framework designed for use in all modern Windows OS versions and has incorporated several foreign language support.

Note: Limited functionality in the demo version.

Zoiper 2020 Pros & Cons:



For multiple platforms, Zoiper is accessible. The free edition provides basic features.
The Zoiper GUI offers support for several languages, covers skin, and is very easy to navigate.
A simple installation wizard lets you install Zoiper on a Windows PC.
Zoiper provides both text messaging and voice & video chat features.
As a free and paid edition, Zoiper is available.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 169.3 MB

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