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Download Universal Media Server for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version: 9.8.1

Universal Media Server Overview:

Universal Media Server is a media server that can support any DLNA system with video, audio, and images. It is open, frequently updated, and has more functionality than any other media server.

Universal Media Server is a multimedia server based on Java that allows you to encode and transfer multiple devices with video, audio, and images. Moreover, the software is largely compatible with most of the on the market smartphones, tablets, televisions, and computers.


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It is easy to use the Universal Media Server. You just need to set up server access to share the information on each computer. As well as, one of the best ways to use this tool is that complex modifications are not needed to enable access to the data. Even if you don’t know anything about multimedia server management, the entire file exchange is simple, fast, and convenient.

FFmpeg, MEncoder, tsMuxeR, Media Data, OpenSubtitles, and many other multimedia transmission platforms operate with Universal Media Server. As well as, anything with the strong aim of having the highest possible reliability for the safe and quick sharing of data.

Universal Media Server is of tremendous help in transmitting any file form between different devices. As well as, this platform offers you multi-format and operating systems, like Windows, Linux, and Mac, an extremely versatile solution.

All major operating systems supported by Windows, Linux, and macOS versions are supported by Universal Media Server. The software streams or transcodes limited or no configuration of video, audio, or picture formats. Moreover, it is powered by a number of media formats including FFmpeg, MEncoder, tsMuxeR, MediaInfo, OpenSubtitles, and more.

Universal Media Server transmits or transcodes several media formats with little to no settings. It is powered by a large array of media formats such as MEncoder, FFmpeg, tsMuxeR, Avi Synth, MediaInfo, and others.

More About Universal Media Server:

A highly configurable media server supporting devices which have been accredited by the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). As well as, you have a simple way to access multimedia content to the internet or a convergence system with Universal Media Server (UMS). It takes on the function of a UPnP media server designed to share multiple media files on a dedicated server and needs no complex setup.

The server supports different output devices and enables the communication between your PC and the target hardware by transmitting and transcoding. Further, using a PS3 media server, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Samsung or Sony TV sets are all communicating with different customers.

The app aims to keep it as straightforward as possible and requires a minimum of user interaction. As well as, this allows connected devices to be automatically detected and initialized, without needing you to enter additional settings. Its major benefit, since universal media server handles the transcoding process alone, is the fact that format conversion and mulching are no longer needed.

In the main window, you can view the link status, the detected media renderers, and the information of the current and maximum bit rate. You can easily manage common folder and file (including images, DVDs, 3D SBS videos) inside the dedicated tab, and disable subtitles for all streaming videos.

Universal Media Server is a UPnP Media Server based on Sharath’s PS3 Media Server that complies with DLNA standards. In reality, the “SubJunk Construct” of PMS is an evolution. To ensure higher stability and file compatibility UMS was launched by SubJunk, the PMS official developer. Universal Media Server supports all major operating systems since it written in Java.

Universal Media Server Free Home Media Streaming:

UMS is the Virtual Media Plug & Play (UPnP) Media Platform of the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). As well as, the free open-source application will stream images, audios, and pictures with minimum to no setup using major operating systems. While there are several free features on the Universal Media Server, there are problems.


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The home server setup is relatively complex for streaming videos, music, and images and there are performance issues. The software often doesn’t work with seemingly compatible devices. Remote access is also not available.

UMS is a PS3 Media Server project which contains some improvements compared to the original project. The software designed to playback media formats that usually not allowed, the most common being MKV files, from your Playstation 3 console.

Besides being a media server the primary function is to transcode your video to allow a high definition movie file to be displayed without any problems in your DLNA-compatible media player.


The main GUI of the software is certainly not good but it is definitely usable and well-designed. After Universal Media Server released, you are welcome to use the Status tab that shows the transcoding status. In the file, there is a Traces tab that serves as a server log, and this also is the general configuration tab that allows you to make changes to the application’s default settings such as language, Windows server installation capacity, and advanced network settings.

It runs on many computers, including PlayStation 3 (Sony PlayStation 3, PS3, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One (and 360).  As well as, mobile phones (iPhone, Android, etc), and a lot more (Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Vizio, LG, Philips, Sharp, Blu-ray player, etc).

iTunes and AviSynth support offered on the Universal Media Server. It can expand with plugins for its features. You can choose from several choices, which allow you to easily locate files, access Grooveshark ou other websites, download movie details from the web, etc.

UMS allows you to quickly interpolate the system and search your media library. Furthermore, it is a streaming service that allows you to disperse multimedia files with minimal audio and video quality effects.

If you want to stream your media across your home to virtually any DLNA unit, UMS is the way forward. It has a good pile of features, including the ability to tailor the fly bitrate to your home network. As well as, this creates streams that give you the highest sound and video quality available. The program also has a user-friendly web interface when your target does not support DLNA and works both with subtitles as well as subtitles.


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Key Features and highlights:

  • Sony PlayStation 3 Play MKV
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 and MKV And
  • Transcode your Sony Bravia TV video
  • Watch Android music and video
  • Freebox HD Game Play
  • Also, Freecom Musical Play Video
  • Pioneer Kuro Transcode Video
  • Nokia N900 Media Server
  • Philips Aurea help
  • As well as, Philips Mobile TV service
Note: Requires Java Runtime Environment.
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Universal Media Server 2020 Pros & Cons:



The contents on home networks are automatically screened. A confounding design.
As well as, open-source platforms and free of charge. Also, works with certain devices that are compatible.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 168.8 MB

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