PowerPoint Viewer Download 2020 Latest for Windows 10, 8, 7 | FixIntoPC

PowerPoint Viewer Download 2020 Latest for Windows 10, 8, 7 | FixIntoPC

Download PowerPoint Viewer for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version: 14.0.4754.1000

PowerPoint Viewer – Saving you an upgrade:

If you have an older Microsoft Office version or you use Open Office or Microsoft Works and do not have recent PowerPoint versions installed on your PowerPoint system, a user still can view and open PowerPoint presentations with the help of PowerPoint Viewer 2010. A free program that can also be downloaded from Microsoft.com is PowerPoint Viewer.


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This is a tool to open a presentation of any kind, even if Microsoft PowerPoint is not installed on your computer. Without charging for expensive licenses or building a large office suite, you can open and display PowerPoint presentations in PPT- and PPTX-format. The software enables you to see full-screen details or even to zoom on any part of the text. You can also do this if you need to print your papers. With PowerPoint Viewer, it is no longer difficult to access your information without having Microsoft Office open.

A simple and free way to display slides from PowerPoint:

This software allows users to view, print, and open submissions, but “read-only” is not available to edit. PowerPoint Viewer 2010 however enables transformations, slides and video clips to be done in the same way as the current PowerPoint version. Windows operating systems are running as long as Windows XP Service Pack 3 in PowerPoint Viewer 2010. It will also be included in the 1,2,3, Windows 7 and the upcoming Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Software Packages. Its memory requirements are relatively low, with a minimum RAM of 256 MB and a hard drive capacity of 270 Megabytes.

A resolution of 1024 x 788 to work at optimum rates is required for the display. A 9.0c DirectX graphics card with video storage of over 64 MB is required for the hardware graphic acceleration. The device setup of the user defines the graphics and software features of the user. However, users may note that Microsoft PowerPoint functionality, unique information rights management (IRM), and macro running presentations and links to external websites or embedded and linked objects are not accessible via this viewer.

Installing the viewer:

It is extremely simple to download PowerPoint Viewer 2010 by clicking on the download button and saving the file to your hard drive. To start the installation program, you can trigger the installation program by double-clicking PowerPointViewer.exe. If the file is enabled, the “Start,” “All Programmes,” menu must be accessed, and then Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer must be opened. Only if a PowerPoint version is not mounted on the machine, it must register with.ppt,.pptm,.pptx,.ppsx and .ppsm extensions. If these types of files are double-clicked on a registered computer, the program will start.

In a nutshell:

If you’ve got a work or school colleague email with the latest PowerPoint presentation that can be supported by your Microsoft Office kit, this Viewer is the perfect solution for your needs. It saves money on simply opening attachments in the new edition of Office. If you are urgently needed to open a PowerPoint edit, it can be done without loss of resolution or consistency on a PowerPoint open source version. PowerPoint Viewer is an excellent download due to its stability and user-friendly interface.


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PowerPoint Viewer is a small free program that enables users to access all versions of Windows in full, from version 97 to the newest edition of the 2010 Microsoft PowerPoint app, the Microsoft PowerPoint files produced by Microsoft. While you can not edit PowerPoint files, you have complete access to password-protected presentations, printed them, and downloaded them. Even when the PowerPoint version not enabled on your computer. PowerPoint Viewer stored in the .ppt, .pot and.pps file extensions. When enabled, the viewer will start by double-clicking on these file types.

Microsoft Office is undoubtedly the most common Windows Office suite – but not every user is able to buy it to enjoy its robust features. The best way to deal with this is to rely on freeware apps to at least display their contents, if not to edit Office-specific files. Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a good option for accessing PowerPoint presentations, particularly since it comes free of cost and supports PowerPoint 97 or later files.

Supported file formats:

This app provides the option to open files such as .ppt, .pptx,.pptm, .potx, .potx, .potm, .potm, .pps, .ppsx or.ppsm as the default one. If Microsoft Office not detected on the host computer, then Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer automatically registered as a standard device. Printing and smooth navigation options

This tool can also use to reach full-screen mode with all slides in a distract-free environment, in addition to a preview of a presentation. You may use the button on your user interface by using the back and forward arrow keys of the keyboard to switch to the next or the previous diaphragm. The display can also print in all Microsoft PowerPointViewer presentations by simply selecting the correct choice from the application’s context menu. So that a separate printer device not required.

How to Unlock Password Protected PowerPoint Presentation?

Users get access to any PowerPoint file that they own without buying the costly MS Office Suite immediately with a PowerPoint Viewer program installed on their PC. Users can also open password protected files if they know their password, to allow full access to PowerPoint files. Without editing options here all user interface of this app is quite reminiscent of the complete PowerPoint version.

Users can only open, display, and print files. Since this application has developed by Microsoft software engineers. Everybody can be confident that they have taken the greatest precautions in developing a rendering engine in order to completely remove any inconsistencies in the files loaded from the system in PowerPoint with the same files. A 100% accurate PowerPoint presentation will still be on view.

Key Features and Highlights of PowerPoint Viewer:

  • Supports animation and graphics.
  • Presentations of Information Rights Protection (IRM).
  • Run macros, programs, or open objects that have been connected or embedded.
  • Working with gifts that password-protected.

This software will record itself only if you do not have a PowerPoint version on your computer with the extensions.ppt,.pot and.pps. If enabled, the PowerPoint viewer begins by double-clicking on these types of files.


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Note: After installing the PowerPoint Viewer please Download and Install all High-Priority updates from Microsoft Update. For downloading the Title, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats compatibility packs, click here. This application has discontinued.

Bottom line:

It does not seem to be a complex utility for Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer. But it is very useful for displaying a large variety of PowerPoint formats, including those shielded by a password. As long as the password known to those who attempt to access the file. It is also definitely advantageous to the fact that it can be used without spending a penny on it.

PowerPoint Viewer WIKIPEDIA:

PowerPoint Viewer 2020 Pros & Cons:



Helps cost saving by opening up newer PowerPoint models. Can not delete kit PowerPoint submissions.
The RAM and storage spaces are very small. Can’t run external connections and macros.
Download Quickly.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 3.5 MB

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