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Download PDF Studio for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version: 2020.0.1 (64-bit)

PDF Studio Overview:

PDF Studio is an easy to use, full-blown Windows PC PDF editing application that provides a reliable alternative to Adobe ® Acrobat ® and offers a fraction of the cost for all PDF functions. As well as, PDF Studio retains complete PDF format compatibility. See what’s different in PDF Studio and why you should change it!


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A quick and easy-to-use PDF Studio 64 bit PDF Editor Desktop is a one-third Adobe ® AcrobatTM, with complete compliance with the Adobe PDF standards and all necessary PDF features (see Acrobat comparison).

PDF Studio Viewer is a PDF-viewing multi-platform that lets you easily display PDFs.

It enables you to view highly fidelity your PDF files, which includes notes & interactive type areas, digital signatures & layers which displays from a modern user interface. You have access to widely used tools such as video clips and comments panes, lamp, pan, tilt & zoom, rulers & maps, the ability to highlight text and copy to your clipboard, and advanced print & search options. You can also include text, illustrations, and markup annotations in PDF documents.

The PDF Studio Viewer does not contain many flashy bells or whistles, but it is certainly an effective, user-friendly, purpose-driven PDF viewer.

The accessibility and efficiency of PDF files provide many advantages. You can access this file in less than a minute and display a PDF document on any device. The application to open these files is free of charge. Unfortunately, without costly software, you can’t access PDF documents. It is here that PDF Studio is supplied. It costs less than other similar applications and its features certainly suit the requirements. Use the program to apply annotations to, edit text, and more on your documents.

More About PDF Studio:

The regular and pro versions of PDF Studio for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available. For a limited period of time, all versions may be freely checked. The prototype models are entirely usable such that all of their functionality can be tested without any limitations.

You are free to use a wide range of resources, add texts and sounds, insert notes, links, stamps, and much more when you load a PDF file on the main user interface. The pages of the paper are described on the left side of the screen as thumbnails, so you can move from page to page instantly.

On a toolbar are fundamental functions to zoom and panning or insert many elements. You can find additional options in the top menus and use them for specialized operations. You can add and change text or picture watermarks on your content, perform OCR scans, remove or insert new ones from other PDF files, etc.

As well as, you can also configure different permissions in a tabbed properties window for additional protection for the loaded documents. You can disable some functions, such as prints, text and graphs excerpts, changes to documents, and others, apart from protecting your document password. A standard layout and enlargement for your text are also possible, font configurations can be modified and metadata can be edited on the same window, but on different tabs.

Great Application:

PDF Studio is a helpful application, providing you with access at a fair price to a wide range of PDF editing resources. You will find all the instruments you need for enhancing the quality of the PDF file in the main toolbar of the app. The integrated utilities allow you to restructure pages, build picture tags, add text boxes, pick words, etc. The only functionality tool that disappoints me is to remove text content from my PDF files while modifying the layout of the article.

The great benefit of using the most recent version is that it will eventually provide you with OCR functionality so that PDF Studio can recognize your character. The contents of your PDF files can now be modified or removed, images transferred, formats modified, and other document-editing activities.

In addition, you have access to a password protection feature to prevent other users from accessing your PDF files.

It uses proprietary technology from Qoppa Software to access and edit PDF files. This system is unabhängig of the platform and will operate on Windows, macOS, and Linux. The only download, install, and immediately start working with PDF files.


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With this extensive application, you can build your own PDFs which allow you to insert specific pages from source documents and edit the comment.

User Friendly:

PDF Studio is a useful program for editing your PDF documents with ease. The software interface is similar to the one of a word processor so that there are no issues with the PDF Studio features. Only because the “drag and drop” method is not allowed, pdf documents can be imported via the file browser.

Thus, you can scan for text, view attachments, bookmarks, and commentary with a hand and selection tool, and rotate pages, zoom in and out. However, you can go to the first, last, previous, or next page to construct bookmarks, add a blank page, remove, substitute, reverse, or crop pages.

You can add a text box and a cue note, sticky note, callout / type-writer, underline / cross-out text and insert images and sounds, links, files. You can also extract text, display the properties of the document, create a header or footer, and watermark.

As well as, you also have the option of creating a text or image stamp, exporting pages as images and modifying the interface language, editing user details, or customizing toolbars.

The PDF editor uses a large number of system resources, can guide you to a comprehensive snapshot help file, and during our tests, did not freeze, crash, or display errors. All users, regardless of their experience levels, are strongly recommended by PDF Studio.

Build PDFs from images scanned:

In particular, when you’ve scanned one, PDFs are the best way to distribute documents on the Net. It is much better than a generic JPEG scan.

PDF Studio is simple to use but powerful enough to allow you to annotate and edit documents using a whole host of editing options. With existing PDF documents or using the custom scan to pdf function, you can either use it directly. Bear in mind that Adobe Reader does not have to work in PDF Studio-it uses its own reader that’s not almost as good but does the job.

Documents can be edited throughout the top of the formatting toolbar. You can then add text, draw charts, add watermarks, use stamps, and default documents. You can also add your PDF password to open your created pdfs if you want to join or split some PDFs. The possibility to add sound and interactive elements to PDF documents, which are ideally suited for creating questionnaires and questions, is probably the snazziest small feature.

PDF Studio is ideal for those who don’t like Adobe Reader and have various kinds of annotations added to their PDFs.

Recall the last tool: Grouped toolbar buttons remember the last tool used after restarting PDF Studio. Record the last tool used. Corrections: Fixed SMTP link problems for the email feature recently added. Corrected an image deletion error. Fixed problem in comparison mode when trying to save notes in annotated documents.

Key Features and Highlights of PDF Studio:

  • Build MS Word, Text and Picture PDFs
  • PDF screening
  • Comments annotate PDFs
  • XML markup and highlight
  • Full and Save PDF Forms
  • Passwords and permissions protected documents
  • Documents merge, break & set up
  • Watermarks, headers, and footers are added
  • Create bookmarks / Contents table
  • Loupe, Pan & Zoom, Rulers & Map Advanced viewing experience
  • Only in the Pro version are the following functions available:
  • OCR (text acknowledgment)
  • Page Edit File
  • Continuously draught
  • PDFs Compare
  • PDF optimization
  • Several PDFs batch process
  • Tools of precision calculation
  • Convert to PDF / A and Preflight
  • PDF (Fast Web views) Linearization
  • To HTML5 / SVG Convert
  • Sign PDFs online
  • The land designer interactive process


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Recall the last tool: Clustered toolbar buttons recall the last tool used after restarting PDF Lab. Document the last tool used. Corrections: Fixed SMTP link problems for the email feature recently added. Corrected an image deletion error. Fixed problem in contrast mode when trying to save notes in annotated papers.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, PDF Studio offers you all needed PDF editing software as a big addition to everybody’s set of programs.

Note: Adds watermarks on output files in the demo version.

PDF Studio 2020 Pros & Cons:



Can be applied to interactive sounds and elements Its reader isn’t good as Adobe reader.
Adobe Reader is not needed.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 106.0 MB

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