OpenShot Video Editor Download (2020 Latest) for Windows | Fix Into PC

OpenShot Video Editor Download (2020 Latest) for Windows PC | Fix Into PC

Download OpenShot Video Editor for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version: 2.5.1

High-Resolution Free Personal Use Video Editing Software:

OpenShot is specialist software for video editing that produces superior results while working with HD images. This package is ideal for anyone who requires an advanced template because it can modify videos in 4 K resolution. This kit is planned to be used on computers and laptops. OpenShot Video Editor is a flexible video publisher, which lets you create your own films with images, photographs, and music files. There is also a portable version.

It supports a wide range of images, audio, and image (based on FFmpeg), screens resizing, scale, trim, clipping, endless path/layer, and cutting and real-time images transitions. To edit professional video quality-overlays of your images, compositing, watermarks, title creation, templates of titles, subtitles, animated 3D titles, scrolling motion picture credits, etc.-use the many features and options OpenShot Video Editor provides.


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The OpenShot Video Editor is nicely packed in a user-friendly interface which makes the whole editing process easy for all levels of skill. It helps you to focus instead of system navigation on video editing. Ubuntu’s OpenShot Video Editor (32-bit) is a free, GPL-approved open-source video editor 3.0. You can create the film by taking your photos, pictures, and music files.

Easily attach subtitles, improvements, and efficiencies and then export your video to DVD, YouTube, Xbox 360, etc. It provides speed changes for clips (slow movement etc.), support for multiple videos, audio, image formats (based on FFmpeg), resizes video clips, scaling, trimming, snapping, and cutting templates.

Features and Main Applications:

The primary aim of OpenShot is to manage images in high resolution. 4 K, 5 K, 1080p, and 5 K are supported in the resolutions. These features are increased durability, better efficiency (as opposed to before), and a modern caching method that is suitable for larger video editing projects.

Unique editing features are also included in the most recent version (2.2), including the ability to add title templates. Where necessary, subtitles may also be embedded. Both of these are useful choices for those who want to benefit from superior video editing rates in a streamlined kit. This editing program is not available for download and use.

Other Functions and Improvements:

The user interface and associated editing functions have been greatly improved with recent upgrades. In the event of a crash, any changes can be saved. There are currently more than 70 languages. Custom Windows icons give the user a more ‘custom-made’ look. This software is open-source and can, therefore, be able to develop in the immediate future.

OpenShot Video Editor for Windows PC is a free open-source video editor. OpenShot will create a dream movie, and take your images, photographs, and music files with you. Attach your video to DVD, Twitch, Xbox360, Vimeo, etc., and then add subtitles, transitions, and effects rapidly. Download OpenShot Video Editor for PC today!

Use this powerful video editor to create spectacular slideshows or seamlessly improve the professional quality of homemade images. OpenShot Video Editor is an HD video program that can be stacked, combined, and organized in an innovative and imaginative way.

Feature-rich, yet user-friendly interface:

The software is wrapped in an elegant and fashionable UI in black and gray colors. There are three key windows, including the section where the files, transformations, or effects can be previewed, the timeline, and the viewer where the creations can be viewed.

Since the software features a simple toolbar, most editing functions are accessible via the context menu. You can add more images, labels, zoom in, and out smoothly and allow to snap from the timeline from the bar. Though it may sound like an embarrassing interface, the functions are well arranged and intuitive enough so that problems with the UI are near zero.

Allows you to still control and navigate frames:

The application’s trump card consists of its keyframe animation tools. You should be aware that the functionality allows you the option to use a predefined animation for your movie, a function that first-time users can use when they are inside and outside.

If you have more experience in video editing, then you may want to manually build keyframes. Since it is designed as a non-linear application you can access and edit any frame until you have the desired animation effect at any time.

Comes with a plethora of functions:

You can control a variety of video properties, as you would expect of a program in this category, including but not limited to distance, scale, location, speed, length, aspect ratio, effect, and transition. You can note that there is a range of HD formats available on the application, for instance, Apple TV, Blu-Ray, YouTube-HD or Vimeo-HD.


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As well as, you can export your video to standard file sizes such as AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, OGG, MPEG, and FLV once you have done editing. On one hand note, you can save the file in an OST format if you wish to save the current progress.

An outstanding framework for making videos of HD quality:

OpenShot Video Editor is the tool you need to create and change your clips and slideshows to professional quality with impressive editing ability for both video and images. You can make your own clips at no cost with Openshot Video Editor. There is no need to worry for those who confuse “no-cost” with “low quality,” as this application does whatever it takes to satisfy the most stringent users. Give it a chance to explain the explanation.

Firstly, if you’re already aware of similar programs that allow you to work with a timeline and several tracks, you can use the editor easily. And you can begin with a useful tutorial lesson to simplify things. Furthermore, it is cross-platform, ensuring that if you move between operating systems regularly, you don’t have to learn something new. Nonetheless, you will have to check its excellent online documentation if you intend to do anything more complex.

Secondly, a long list of media formats, especially those based on FFmpeg, is supported. The export of high-definition video is also convenient. You can drag and drop a given item onto the timeline once you have built a resource library. By the way, in contrast to other tools, you have an unlimited number of tracks in Openshot Video Editor. It supports the design and use of overlays in this way. The framework also allows the clips to be resized, scaled, trimmed, shot, rotated and cut. There are also many video and transfer forms included. But I especially liked the ability to create custom effects using keyframes animation.

More About OpenShot Video Editor:

Finally, the publisher has several other apps worth noting. You can use this to make very good text effects, including 3D animated titles and scroll credits. Thankfully, it also enables the development of vector headings and credits. It also has potent audio features, which allow audio tracks to be separated from the original video and mixed and edited sound to be edited.

In summary, it is worth trying Openshot Video Editor for many reasons. This editor can encode videos very efficiently with minimal resource use and high speed, in addition to the advantages already mentioned. There is also documentation that the program is open-source and continuously developed. It is also important to note that it works with applications like Inkscape and Blender that is open source. The wrong side is that some features (such as 3D titles) need to be downloaded to work.

OpenShot Video Editor’s main features and highlights:


OpenShot is a browser cross-platform, Linux, Mac, and Windows-based video editor. Have the installer started and download today.

Trim & Slice:

Find those perfect moments and easily cut your photos. OpenShot is able to cut the video in several simple ways.

Animation & Keyframes:

You can fade, slide, bounce, and animate all in your video project with a strong animation system.

Unlimited Tracks:

Connect as many layers to watermarks, background images, audio paths, and more as you like.

Video Effects:

Remove your video background, invert colors, adjust brightness, and more by using the video effects engine.

Audio Waveforms:

Show your audio files as waveforms and even show the waveforms in your video.

Title Editor:

It was never easier to add titles to your video. Use or make your own one of the templates.

3D Animations:

Make lovely 3D animated titles and effects like water, lens flares, or text soaring.

Slow Motion & Time Effects:

Time control, reverse, slow down, and fast video. Check the time power. Using a preset or speed and direction to animate the playback.


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70+ Languages:

OpenShot can localize online via LaunchPad in many different languages.

Simple User Interface:

OpenShot has designed to be the simplest and most friendly video editor ever. Attempt to look after yourself.

Desktop Integration:

Drag and drop images, audio, or pictures directly to OpenShot from your file manager. It’s so simple to begin.

Alternative of OpenShot Video Editor:

We advise downloading Icecream Video Editor or PowerDirector if you’re looking for OpenShot Video Editor alternatives.

OpenShot Video Editor WIKIPEDIA:

OpenShot Video Editor 2020 Pros & Cons:



To amateurs as well as professionals OpenShot is safe. Some error reporting problems could occur.
Many bug problems have been dealt with recently. Smartphone users not yet equipped with this app.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 3.5 MB

You can Free Download the Software’s from these links:

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