iTools for Mac - Download Free (2020 Latest Version) | Fix Into PC

iTools for Mac – Download Free (2020 Latest Version) | Fix Into PC

iTools for Mac Free DownloadLatest Version: 2.9.2

A free device for Apple users | iTools for Mac:

iTools for Mac is a loose iPhone and iPad client app that provides a variety of functions to help you control your computer. The goal of the software package is to give your machine an alternative that is superior to your default iTools for Mac application. There are more equipment and functionality to have at the same time as managing your computer at the Apple apps.



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iTools for Mac is a small app that allows you to navigate your iOS devices via an intuitive interface from your Windows Screen. The app helps you to import your snapshots and manage your apps amongst other items. The GUI is easy to use, and fast to use. ITools is a tool that manages all of your iOS devices in a way that is somewhat similar to iTunes.

Some fresh and exciting options of iTools for Mac:

It does bring some fresh and exciting options, however. Even as ridding itself of some of the larger irritating capabilities found inside Apple’s software. You should first attach all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad) to your Computer to start program use. Once linked, you can easily manage all content in a manner that is half-way between iTunes’ flexibility and Windows Explorer’s simplicity.


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iTools for Mac for installing Windows is an easy and effective tool for users of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It’s 100% freeware and eco, it doesn’t even want to run on your computer, it doesn’t contain any ads or plugins. iTools for Mac are efficient, can handle the internet, iBooks, pics, and various files on your iDevices with ease. This will assist with the installation, uninstallation, and recovery of your apps; it can also back up and restore files. iTools for Mac help you access files like windows in iDevices.


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Extra features of iTools: | There are more changes to this program than just Apple’s default iTunes. One such is the use of iTools for Mac to handle your installed applications. By clicking a button, you can check out program data, as well as a backup or uninstall it. Drag and drop interface design is also an effortless way of media management. It can also automatically transform your mp3 files into m4p files as they are being transferred.


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More utility than iTunes:

This app gives your iPhone or iPad greater admission. By serving as an opportunity for iTunes to control your devices and to back up their info. The app does not include any advertisements, despite being unfastened.

Like the utilities still open, this consists of jailbroken ownership of Apple’s company. This app makes use of a modded computer a worthwhile installation for all of us. Ultimately, this is a tool perfect for any customers with Apple strength who want more out of their company.


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iTools for Mac Pros & Cons: 



New functions that Apple lacks Slow loading time
Easy to understand No iTunes keep getting admission to
Full control


Format: ZipFile

Size: 4.9 MB

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