IObit Smart Defrag Download 2020 Latest for Windows 10, 8, 7 | FixIntoPC

IObit Smart Defrag Download 2020 Latest for Windows 10, 8, 7 | FixIntoPC

Download IObit Smart Defrag for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version:

IObit smart defrag Overview:

IObit smart defrag is a tool that allows you to schedule and perform defragmentation operations on your hard discs. This will boost the efficiency of drives, allowing files to be accessed more easily. IObit Smart Defrag 3 hits all the notes a defragger would hope, but in terms of marketing, it’s too violent. It gives guidance on other services at all times. It also compensates for this output pestering, which competes with most Windows defragment programs.


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There are four principal parts in the application: State, automatic defrag, defragment time boot, and report. Firstly, you can see the details of every scan currently being done. Here, too, you can pick what defragment you want to run – pick between defrag only, defrag and fast optimize, or defrag, or optimize fully. You may also interrupt scans or say IObit Smart Defrag when it’s done to shut down the device.

Turning Automatic Defrag ensures that when the machine is idle the defragment rearranges the drives. This is a nice solution, as a complete defragment can be a long, resource-consuming operation. There is also a Boot Time Defrag to defrag files that are unsafe to transfer through Windows. This can be set to run every boot-up or just once every couple of days.

The IObit Smart Defrag schedule tablets defrag be updated periodically, and some very useful settings are found in a nice one. IObit Smart Defrag can only be configured to defrag if a device is connected in (not operated by the battery), and also to stop if the use of the CPU exceeds a default limit.

More About IObit smart defrag:

One of Smart Defrag’s virtues is that it can simultaneously defragment multiple hard drives, but that’s not everything. This tool is able to configure the file positions to reserve the cheapest disc space for the most widely used files.

It also contains the Auto Defrag feature, which defragments the selected hard drives in the idle device. IObit Smart Defrag allows defragmentation to be programmed and the device to be switched off automatically at the end of the process.

This makes the software a perfect alternative to the conventional Windows application that offers greater performance and eliminates the use of CPUs.

IObit Smart Defrag also bought a new defragmentation engine in its latest version. Which allows for a less CPU utilization and a faster, stable process. SSD adjustment was also added to improve the performance of the gameplay and to gain new professional defragmentation technologies.

IObit Smart Defrag is an efficient, flexible application that has been well designed. As required or scheduled, IObit Smart Defrag can defrag files, folders, and entire drives. It is also equipped with SSD trim to extend your SDD performance and life. Available for a video walkthrough. Part of SystemCare Free Advanced too.

Itâ€TMs nearly common knowledge that Microsoft Windows does not include a disc defragmenter and that it is not best and has never been. You’ve got many substitutes for freeware, and SmartDefrag is one of the best. You can set it as the replacement for your Windows defragmenter and forget it or you can use a variety of options, including defragmenting time. Itâ€TMs are entirely free and easy to use, as shown in the video below, through which we walk.

Download Smart Defrag 6:

IObit Smart Defrag 6 not only defrag your HDD but also trims your SSD to speed up disc access and improve hardness with the enhanced IObit disc defragment engine. IObit Smart Defrag 6 is also optimized for the Windows 10 file organizing algorithm. Smart Defrag 6 has several additional useful features, such as Boot Time Defrag, which can defrag the Windows registry to create more RAM and to guarantee system stability.


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The Boot-Time Defrag can also be customized to meet your needs. And Auto Defrag and Scheduled Defrag can always guarantee the highest performance of your discs. In IObit Smart Defrag 6, SSD is available to extend the life and performance of your SSD drive. For more information, see 2:35 in the video below.

What does free software need to know?

This program attempts to replace the defragment widget of Windows with more advanced features, styles, and adaptations. We don’t want to replace it either-if you don’t discover the options during the installation, be careful, the program will turn off your normal defragmenter and install other programs. If IObit Smart Defrag 3 installed, you will please with its forward-looking design that provides a certain degree of personalization and a pleasing hard drive diagram.

This allows you to set defrags automatically and boots — but if you don’t use your computer, you may want to schedule them because the program used to defrag up to 30 minutes when we tested them. However, it was wise enough to understand and not defraud our SSD. The software has an “action center,” which proposes performance improvements, but these are also guidelines for other app development services.

It doesn’t sound like those programs are evil, it’s a little strange to see other programs’ non-stop commercials. Further, IObit Smart Defrag 3 offers everything you would like to see in a defragmenter and somewhat slow performance. This is a decent substitute for default Windows and is ideal for comparing top programs such as Defraggler.

User Friendly:

Smart Defrag is a tool to optimize hard drive performance for free, lightweight, and stable disc defragment. Using IObit ‘s latest discs defragment engine and Boot Time Disc Defrag, Smart Defrag not only offers defragmentation as any standard disc defragmenter can but also smarts updates your files by frequency, thereby speeding up disc speed to quickly access your data!

It cleans up junk files before defragmentation intelligently with the unique Deep Analyze technology to save you more disc space. It operates quickly in the background automatically and silently as the first Disk Defragmenter to completely supported by Windows 8/8.1/10 Metro Software, making it a disc defragmenter for big hard discs.

Key Features and Highlights of IObit Smart Defrag:

Higher File Access Speed:

The primary explanation for slow and erratic computer performance is disc fragmentation. The tool provides efficient defragmenting technology to the hard drives and SSD using multithread defragging, consolidating free space, and defragging big files, to speed your hard drive for quicker data access and outstanding hard disc performance. You can then enjoy a faster game start speed, half the time to copy files, etc.

Up to 100% Faster PC Startup:

During Sessions, individual system disc boot files can not transfer safely, which causes device startups to be slower and slower. You can conveniently use the tool’s boot-time defrag capability, which helps you securely defrag HDD files. It also allows you to customize files defined by defragging during device boost using a function that is exclusive to IObit. You will then get a quicker System startup on your Laptop and have the best running speed.

Safe & Automatic Disk Defrag:

Not only does Smart Defrag for Desktop deliver disc defragmentation, but it also optimizes it, using frequency to smartly simplify your files. With the new IObit disc defrag system, your files are just as secure as Windows. And just update and forget about it. It works for you without losing any info.


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Faster PC & Quicker Access Speed:

The key cause of a sluggish computer is disc fragmentation. It offers a better solution for quicker data access and superior disc performance with enhanced multi-thread defragment engine and improved defrag speed. You can then enjoy fast-starting games, half-time copying files, and so on.

Quicker System Boot-Time:

It takes longer to start your computer and to start running as your machine gets older. This problem can solve easily with the app. Configuring the Boot Time Defrag function will easily defragment those HDD files which can’t transfer while the device runs.

Enhanced Game Performance:

No one wants to have a long time for loading games. SmartDefrag ‘s Game Optimize will easily customize your game experience with a very fast motor and pick the game you want to defrag.

IObit Smart Defrag’s new and major modifications:

Defrag Engine:

The New Defrag Engine supports ultra-fast, stable, and powerful defragment multi-threading.

Large File Defrag:

Defrag massive files in order to speed up disc reading/writing and to increase disc longevity.

Disk Health:

Real-time monitoring of disc status: temperature, use, the examination of self-monitoring, etc.

Smart Defrag/Optimize:

Apply the method for various discs to optimum efficiency smartly and optimize the defragment.

IObit Smart Defrag WIKIPEDIA:

IObit Smart Defrag 2020 Pros & Cons:



Simple and easy to use GUI. Often the interface is slow.
Project preparation.
Reduces the number of intruders.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 14.9 MB

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