FonePaw Android Data Recovery Download 2020 Latest for Windows PC

FonePaw Android Data Recovery Download 2020 Latest for Windows PC

Download FonePaw Android Data Recovery for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version: 3.7.0

FonePaw Android Data Recovery Overview:

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is the best app to restore files, audio and text messages, addresses, call logs, Android devices, and SD card documents for Android PCs to get Android File Recovery software back. Quick search and preview of all images, contacts, texts, etc. on your computer. You just have to press and wait until the data is returned to Android.

It scans the deleted files more easily compared with others. It protects and does not erase your phone details. The deleted data can be previewed without pay before recovery. Backup and restore your Android data selectively or fully on the device. Collect data and restore the bricked phones from broken Android! To free try or buy FonePaw Android Data Recovery, you can now download it.


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With this intuitive program, search your Android device and recover missing contacts, texts, call logs, photographs, images, songs, and more. Even if you do whatever you can to prevent this unlucky situation, for different reasons you will still end up losing important information saved on your Android device. User-friendly software that can help you with this situation is FonePaw Android Data Recovery designed to thoroughly search and restore different types of deleted objects.

A basic tool that does not need expertise:

The method of rehabilitation is greatly simplified, and even novices with no previous experience with similar programs may use this framework. This framework. Advanced configurations are not necessary as you just have to follow a number of easy steps. You can also consult a short user guide if you don’t know how to allow USB debugging on your Android device.

Conduct a custom scan and recover key items:

If a link has been formed between your Desktop and Android app, you can decide what file types should be considered. For contacts, notes, call logs, attachments, media files FonePaw Android Data Recovery will search. When the scan is complete, the program lists all the items recovered and allows you to display pictures on your screen until they are saved. You can also only view secret files, and the helpful search feature makes it easier to locate things you would like.

Useful Android users recovery tool:

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is an excellent option for those who own Android devices and want to make sure they get files that have been unintentionally deleted. The application can also serve as a quick backup and recovery tool, allowing all of your data to be saved locally, and with its intuitive interface and minimalistic UI, it can be very novice-friendly.

You won’t have to worry about potentially losing your files with FonePaw Android Data Recovery. You can restore data that is removed or otherwise lost in this streamlined program. This covers lists of addresses, old emails, photographs, and videos. You can also restore old uninstalled programs lately. The advanced FonePaw algorithms are used by many Windows and Apple apps to restore missing data for a few minutes.

Here are some of the awesome features of FonePaw Android Data Recovery for a closer look. Losing files on your phone would make almost everyone face an aggravating problem. Unknowingly, you may uninstall a cache or uninstall some old text messages without understanding that essential files are also deleted. Fortunately, for a limited period of time, most Android phones retain deleted files, which means that you will have a small window to recover missing data. All you have to do is plug your phone in and launch FonePaw when a file is missing.

More About FonePaw Android Data Recovery:

This is very user friendly and most files can be restored in just a few minutes. You will be provided with several different options after connecting your phone to your device and launching FonePaw. The complete phone may either checked or files searched at a given location. The phone can also search for other file forms. FonePaw will start the data recovery process after you have updated the settings. If you break regularly your smartphones or tablets, you can also benefit from this app. You can easily plug your phone into your device and start this software instead of uploading all your data to a cloud server once every few hours.

Even if your screen cracks or the buttons are missing, FonePaw will work. All controls performed on the device, which ensures that the smartphone or tablet does not interfere at all. A wide range of mobile devices is available for FonePaw. The platform is currently supporting LG, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and Acer smartphones and tablets. You can save your files on your device or move them back to your phone when you have recovered them. For anyone who wants to get old photos, videos, and contact lists, FonePaws Android Data Recovery is a must-have feature.


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Run a mobile device search using an Android App. View accessible data and retrieve deleted contacts, texts, call logs, photographs, videos, songs, and so on. To search and browse through a list, apply the contents filters to the drives and folders for different files. A Windows tool for restoring missing, missing, and/or deleted Android files from your computer can provide you with FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

How FonePaw Android Data Recovery Works:

The software allows you to recover different file types, is compatible with several models of Android devices, and allows you to preview data until it restored. You first need to attach your Android gadget to your computer when you run the utility. You will need to enable your device’s USB debugging option (see Developer Options window) and grant permission to access your gadget file via FonePaw Android Data Recovery. The following move to pick the file types to restored. You can get images, info, videos, documents, etc. from WhatsApp. Click on the button “Prev.”

This is where a little fishy gets things. You will need to install multiple root tools on your Android device to find and restore missing files from your gadget for FonePaw Android Data Recovery. The installation of these devices results in a loss of the assurance of your device. Nevertheless, you can install the above tools and use FonePaw Android Data Recovery to restore your data if your computer is already rooted.

In addition, the system lacks an option to uninstall the attached Android device instantly. The fact that you can not recover any files when the test version of the tool used also disturbs me. If, however, none of the disadvantages is for you, try FonePaw Android Data Recovery. If you lost or removed important files from your Android app, it may prove useful.

With this application Recover All Your Android Data:

The Android Data Recovery FonePaw is a software program for Windows and Mac that can restore missing or inadvertently removed data from Android mobile device users.

Holistic Recovery:

FonePaw Android Data Recovery lets you recover any kind of data, including contacts, notes, images, audio and videos, call logs, Whatsapp contents, documents, etc. from your Android device. Data from internal memory, SIM card, and outside SD cards can be retrieved from your devices. CSV / VCF / HTML file format recovers details such as name, telephone number, email addresses, etc. A special algorithm incorporated into the software application to reclaim knowledge. The program works with Android devices made by Sony, Google, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Asus, Acer, and Motorola, among other manufacturers.

User Interface:

It’s a simple and straightforward program interface that you know first-hand. The recovery process includes three phases: attach your computer, pick the file type, and search the computer. The deleted files should restore within seconds after the scan finished.

Key Features and Highlights of FonePaw Android Data Recovery:


You can all recover information in VCF / CSV / HTML files from SIM cards or internal memories – number, name, email, address, business, work name, website, etc.


Any deleted email, MMS, WhatsApp messages, even picture, and video attachments can export as CSV / HTML files.

Call Logs:

Names, telephone numbers, call forms and durations can restore for quick reading or printing in HTML files on your computer.


android data recovery without root,



Recover conversations and photographs, audios, and videos on your Android phone without backup, both person and group.


All the images that have saved on android devices and pictures that have taken from the internet can recover from.jpg, .png,.gif,.bmp,.webp,.tiff, or more.

Videos & Audio:

Regardless of whether you download, archive or go elsewhere, FonePaw Android DataRecovery allows you to locate videos, songs, or recordings that you have deleted back.


Missing large Android files saved? This Android data recovery lets you retrieve documents that have lost in Text, Excel, PPT, PDF, HTML, ZIP, RAR, etc.

Note: 30 days trial version. You cannot save the recovered data and you cannot preview pictures in full size.
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FonePaw Android Data Recovery 2020 Pros & Cons:



Recovers different data types. Times of scanning not assured.
Quick recovery times. Better applications can be found for data recovery.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 43.2 MB

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