CoreTemp Download (2020 Latest) Free for Windows 10, 8, 7 | Fix Into PC

CoreTemp Download (2020 Latest) Free for Windows 10, 8, 7 | Fix Into PC

Download CoreTemp Free for Windows Latest Version: 1.15.1

CoreTemp Overview:

The way it works is what makes CoreTemp special. The temperature of each individual processor core of your device can be displayed. With varying working loads, you can see temperature changes in real-time. Motherboard agnostic is also Key Temp. CoreTemp makes the temperature of a modern x86-based processor easy for you to track. Processors from all three major manufacturers, Intel, AMD, and VIA are sponsored.

Intel processors, including all derivatives, begin from the Core series to the latest Core i7. All Phenom and AMD new APUs are powered by AMD processors starting from the first Athlon64 and Opteron series. VIA processors beginning with the C7 CPU generation, including all C7 architecture based derivatives. All processors based on Nano are also supported.


coretemp for linux,


CoreTemp Gadget is a free Windows tool that shows both the temperature and the loading of cores on your CPU and basic processor/platform information. To use it, you have to install and run ALCPU ‘s CoreTemp. CoreTemp is a lightweight, free program, which extracts and displays essential data from sensors in a compact interface. In a discreet desktop gadget, the CoreTemp Gadget simply shows Data from CoreTemp.

What does free software need to know?

CoreTemp does not have to run for CoreTemp Gadget downloading and installation, but the utilities must run to port data for the gadget. Our Processor Core TEP identified the number of cores and threads and the temperature and load of each core, as well as our models, platform, frequency, VID, Revisions, CPUID, and Lithograph standard. The CoreTemp was reduced and the gadget was switched. Our processor data was shown in a tiny but colorful view with the logo of the CPU manufacturer.


rainmeter coretemp plugin,


Below were three different color graph lines, each one for the temperature, load and activity of every core, and the next one for the use of RAM, and a moving graph showed the data at the bottom. This uniquely for a gadget provides a range of choices, including clock speed display in gigahertz, color changes, viewing objects, and graph configuration. Like all windoW gadgets, by right-clicking the desktop and selecting Gadgets, we could switch around anywhere we wanted on the desktop and access its settings.

We know CoreTemp, a nice little device to keep an eye on your machine and a must for overclockers and tweakers. CoreTemp Gadget is one of the best small desktop devices we’ve tried and gives key alerts when things are wrong. Although it’s not your overclock or even the cap under your hood, seeing what your CPU is up to is educational.

More About CoreTemp:

The temperature measurements are extremely precise since the data is obtained directly from a Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS), located near the hottest part of each processing core *. This sensor is digital, which means that its value is not stored in a special processor register that so the software can access and read a device on an external circuit in the motherboard. This removes any inaccuracies caused by external circuits and sensors on the motherboard.


coretemp monitor,


CoreTemp is a lightweight system for the control of processor temperature and other essential details, with no hassle and small footprint. The way it works is what makes CoreTemp special. It displays the temperature of each processor ‘s individual core in your system! With varying working loads, you can see temperature changes in real-time. Motherboard agnostic is also Key Temp. CoreTemp is easy to use while allowing a high degree of personalization and expansion.

CPU temperature tracking the PC:

CoreTemp is a handy tool for monitoring the temperature of the CPU on your PC. It can be very frustrating if you have ever been worried about overheating your desktop or laptop machine. In order to work properly, your machine must remain cool. Fortunately, programs such as CoreTemp help you monitor the temperature of your PC’s CPU.

CoreTemp is characterized by showing you every single core temperature in each of your PC’s processors. When loading your CPU CoreTemp helps you to see how your CPU is loading the CPU in real-time. The software operates in a way that makes it completely motherboard independent.

CoreTemp not only is lightweight, but it has also a logging capability. It helps users to conveniently monitor the temperatures of their processors for nearly any time. The tool runs on almost every Windows OS in the past decade. And it is useful for modern computers as well as old ones.


coretemp 2015,


CoreTemp is a simple, but useful choice if you wish to find out your computer’s CPU temperature. Arthur Liberman, the creator of CoreTemp, brought to you the first CoreTemp Gadget. Track the temperature, load, frequency, and VID of your processor with a graph at the bottom of your gadget. Configuration: Adjust zoom size to adjust device size. Displays or covers text fields and graphs.

Charts can display core loads or core temperatures. Select cores in colors. A different color percenter or a single color for each nucleus may be selected automatically or manually. You can easily view or cover the charts by clicking the resize button (dock / undock in Vista).

What’s the best temp for your CPU?

Depending on the device, the maximum assisted temperature varies. The information is classified as “Tj” most of the above free monitoring apps. Alt. This refers to the temperature threshold or the working temperature of the hardware. If for some reason you don’t see the details, look for your CPU’s model number on the CPU World website to find the information. That of the above programs shows the model number of your processor, so it is simple to locate.


coretemp 99.8,


But this is the highest temperature — the point where your processor is freaking out and shutting down to prevent damage. Regularly running close to that hot is bad for your hardware ‘s long-life. Alternatively, obey this general thumb rule in relation to the loaded CPU temperature.

Different stages of temperature:

  • Lower 60 ° C: you ride fantastically!
  • 60 ° C to 70 ° C: Still perfect, just a little colder. Consider cleaning your PC’s dust if the CPU temperatures keep decreasing over time.

  • 70 ° C through to 80 ° C: it’s hotter than if you don’t push the overclock. If not, make sure your fans work so that the ventilation of your machine doesn’t get obstructed by dust bunnies.

  • 80 ° C to 90 ° C: Now for long-term comfort we ‘re getting too hot. Check for your broken fans or dust accumulation and dial back your settings, particularly when the voltage has tweaked it if you overclock. One surprising exception is that often, during games, more powerful laptop processors reach the low 80s when plugged in, so that output is thrown off. This is expected, but it is critical if the temperature is 85 ° C.

  • More than 90 ° C: Will Robinson, Risk!

AMD Processors that supported:

  • All FX series.
  • All sequence of APUs.
  • |All series of phenomes/phenomes II.
  • All series of Athlon II.
  • All series Turion II.
  • |All series of Athlon64.
  • All the X2 series of Athlon64.
  • All the FX series Athlon64.
  • |All series Turion64.
  • All series of Turion64 X2.
  • All series Sempron. (K8 dependent and up)
  • |All processors of Opteron.
  • Starting with and up SH-C0. Single Core Opterons. (K8 based) (K8 based)

Intel Processors that Supported:

  • All series of Core i3, i5, i7.
  • All processors of Atom.
  • |All series of Core Solo.
  • All series of Core Duo.
  • All series of Core 2 Duo.
  • |All series of Core 2 Quad.
  • All series of Core 2 Extreme.
  • All series of Celeron-M 400 and 500.
  • |All series of Celeron.
  • All series Pentium.
  • All processors of Xeon (Core-based).

CoreTemp Wikipedia:

CoreTemp Download for Windows Pros & Cons:



Easy to use. No advanced options.
Runs on multiple Windows operating systems.
Logging feature.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 3.5 MB

The software from these links can be downloaded:

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