Anvi Folder Locker Download 2020 Latest for Windows 10, 8, 7 | FixIntoPC

Anvi Folder Locker Download 2020 Latest for Windows 10, 8, 7 | FixIntoPC

Download Anvi Folder Locker for Windows 2020 Latest Version: 1.2.1370.0

Anvi Folder Locker Overview:

A fresh and free safety tool is the Anvi Folder Locker that computer users use to monitor their essential files or to secure them. You can lock your personal files for privacy protection with Anvi Folder Locker, set your password to files so that other visitors do not have access. You may also apply permissions to your files to avoid their alteration, destruction, or deletion. Anvi Folder Lockers will hide, lock, simply read, hide and open, and password secure it, so just add a file or folder.


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Many people may choose to lock different files in your computer with a password to limit access to the folder(s), for certain reasons best understood. This could be the directory that holds commercial information, private records, or other sensitive files. It is also possible to block a folder where you saved any original streams, blu-ray films, or sensitive media. Irrespective of what the reason might be, here is a secure solution for you to lock files with a strong password on the computer so that no unauthorized individual may gain access to the folder. This software works also to lock and set up individual files.

You can hide or lock any text, file, or folder digitally using this program. This software includes the development of password protection to lock files and directories and allows you to identify permissions as a way to access a file on a PC. This ensures that a file is set to “Lese Only,” and an unauthorized party can’t edit the file. For companies as well as individuals it is so critical tech. Security and privacy for everyone and this app aims to help when it comes to sensitive information, files, or media.

More About Anvi Folder Locker:

Anvi Folder Locker was created to assist you in managing and securing your key files. To secure your privacy and encrypt files with passwords, you can lock your personal files in the Anvi File Locker to prevent any user from accessing them. You may also attach permissions to your file to avoid it being altered, lost, or removed by Anvi Folder Locker Safe.

Anvi Folder Locker is a handy application, allows you to conceal folders or use passwords to prevent other people from accessing content if you share your computer with family or friends or simply want to secure your files. The code is really easy and you don’t have any issues getting it to work even though you don’t have much experience. Only add things with the ‘Attach’ button above to use Anvi File Locker. How many files you can add are infinite.

You’ll see a table beside each choice, where you can pick from six different locks when all you want is unprotected, self-explanatory; secret, hidden from view to make it get lost, locked to allow a password to access it, read-only, prohibit all edits to your documents and hidden, locked, hidden file, prevented access with a unique password.


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You only pick or delete options if necessary, even if you just want to pause for some minutes, if you want to change safeguards of any documents. You can also cancel it by disabling the security fully or remove files from the list by a single click which restricts access to your files outside.

Enable safe and confidentiality for your digital files:

The Anvi Folder Locker Free helps you in preserving and handling your valuable files. You should encrypt and enter passwords in personal files so that unauthorized users are unable to access them. Permitting to your file can also insert so that without your knowledge, it can not be changed, deleted, or lost. The installation process is simple and easy and, if you haven’t already seen a computer, you should set up the program. You will find this tool more than useful to add an additional security layer to your results.

Take the file, drag and drop it to the GUI of Anvi File Locker, and that program will lock and hide it automatically. You won’t be in a position to find this if the file is covered. If they can reach it anyway, they can not, because it is closed. They can not open it. Anvi Folder Locker is a powerful tool to prevent others from accessing your things, as you can see.

Anvi Folder Locker’s System Specifications:

  • Intel dual-core processor
  • RAM 256 MB
  • Windows Operating System (any version from XP onwards)
  • 50 MB free space on the disk.

With a simple setup wizard, Anvi Folder Locker can easily install and run on a PC that fulfills these device requirements.

The password secured for access to the Anvi Folder Locker interface. When you first execute the query, a master key (enter a password, validate the password) will be requested. And, an e-mail address will also be requested (it will be used to give you a reset key if you forget the master password).

Anvi Folder Locker is free software:

Secure your identity by stopping anyone from accessing files and directories. To conveniently lock and remove files and directories, use Anvi File Locker.

Anvi Folder Locker automatically locks and hides any file or directory on the interface you drag and drop (your Add feature can also be used rather than you drag & down). As described above. There is an option to unprotect, hid, lock, read-only, hide and lock, and password. Also, next to any file, or directory in the dropdown menu of the Security System. This means that files can kept unlocked, locked unhidden, read-only, locked and secret or password protected.


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Through using the Settings menu, you can adjust the default behavior shown above. The two drop-downs are available: the first allows you to choose the default behavior to add new items. And, the second allows you to choose what happens after the password has been deleted. With the right click on the context menu, Anvi Folder Locker integrates. Right-click a file or folder and the Anvi File Locker option will be shown to lock it.

Key Features and Highlights of Anvi Folder:

Hide File or Folder:

They will remain invisible if they cover important or sensitive information.

Add Permission:

Add permission to your files such as Lock, Just Read, Hide, and Lock. So, it is not changed, copied, or deleted.


Set a file or folder password to allow users to access it only with a valid password.


We recommend that you download Protected File or Wise File Hider if you are searching for Anvi Folder Locker alternative.

Bottom line:

Nonetheless, there are not many customizable features like choosing different encryption algorithms, as Anvi Folder Lockers is good at its job. That said, Anvi Folder Locker is a good tool for the standard user if you need to add an additional layer of protection to your files.

Note: This application has been discontinued.
Anvi Folder Locker WIKIPEDIA:

Anvi Folder Locker 2020 Pros & Cons:



Speedy and simple assembly. You get the same settings.
No specific criteria for configuration. Do not allow you to pick different algorithms for encoding.
User design intuitive and straightforward. Functions of minimum security.
Protection function for passwords. Cloud storage is not supported.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 3.5 MB

You can Free Download the Software’s from these links:

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