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Download ActivePresenter for Windows PC 2020 Latest Version: 8.2.0

Strong eLearning Authoring and Screen Recording Method:

ActivePresenter is a tool that must be a must-have tool, helping you to differentiate from your rivals. You can create amazing digital simulations and e-learning materials. ActivePresenter

All the tools needed to edit, edit, change videos from screencast to HTML5 are included in ActivePresenter. Also, ActivePresenter is a Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X screencast and eLearning program that can be used to build tutorials, tech simulations, and quizzes. As well as, upload, make screencasts, video tutorials, and eLearning material interactive now!


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A complex wording technique is very difficult to explain so you can take screenshots to add a number of annotations to your images, like, for example, the “pick” or the “press.” ActivePresenter is particularly designed for training courses, user guides, presentations, etc. The most important work for you can be done and numerous adaptations can be made. The best thing is that your project can be exported in a video file, Powerpoint, or other formats.

There is a fully functioning trial release that can be used before the test period ends, without any limitations. Without any difficulty, you can download and install the app. It supports an old yet common Windows XP up to the recent release of Windows 8, and all later versions.

ActivePresenter takes your screen snapshots but also records full-motion videos according to your acts. The program takes a screenshot for an example, whether you press or touch a button on the keyboard. Clicking and dragging an object will start logging the program.

You can use ActivePresenter to make videos of everything you do on the desktop of your computer, the entire screen, or just a section of the screen.

More About ActivePresenter:

You can pick one of four predefined recording profiles or build and customize your own profile when you start a new project. The app can record movement, interactions, the items you are clicking, and more, depending on the selected profile or your personal settings. When you avoid documenting your actions, screenshots, and recordings are automatically loaded on the application interface.

The principal GUI looks like a video retailer. Screenshots listed in tabs on the right side of the window as titles and thumbnails. The properties can be found here as well. As on the video editor GUI, they will appear in the timeline of their own channels when you insert annotations, effects, or other components. You may change the length of these mainframes or do similar things in the same timeline, by clicking and dragging them.

You can use this software to create and convert a presenting video (AVI, WMV, MPEG-4 / MP4, FLW, HTML), interactive simulation in AJAX, and Flash and document formats such as PDF, DOC, PPT and XLS to quickly and intelligently screenshots.

With ActivePresenter you will reveal in just a few minutes all of your work on the computer, video, sound, picture, and text. Thanks to its strong climate, you can do all sorts of tasks.

Without any watermarks or time limits, you can save high-quality images along with an audio file. You can polish the screen with simple commands like cutting, cropping, deleting, combining, or volume change to edit your audio and video.

Strong Presenter:

Competent free screen recording and screen printing. Responsive Presenter is a Windows and OS X free screen recording and filing tool that allows you to create software tests. As well as, software simulations, questionnaires, and presentations.

Moreover, it offers a wide range of export options: JPEG, PNG, PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint presentations. As well as, interactive simulation, and a range of export options (AVI, MP4, WMV, and WebM). Moreover, it offers a variety of export options.

Build Videos for Professional Training:

You can record your screen and make fascinating videos using this free program. ActivePresenter helps you to save every region in crystal clear resolution on your computer screen. It also records recordings and communication applications from external instruments such as microphones.

The application includes advanced editor features, standard audio, and video operations, Cut, crop, and link. As well as, alter volume, speed up, up and down, blur, zoom-n-pan, add captions, and video overlays. The application includes advanced editing and standard operations. You can easily export your template to your favorite video format. The app also supports MKV lossless codecs. The interactive eLearning Authoring Tool helps you to create interactive HTML5 content training and video tutorials using ActivePresenter.

Many options for annotation, interaction, highlights, and more can be found. When a new project launched, the software automatically inserts important annotations if you select a smart capture profile. In the required locations instructions such as “Click the Yes button” or “Push the Del key” can insert as normal. File names also identified and inserted by the device. You can export your project as a separate image, video file, PowerPoint presentation, PDF document, and more once you finished.

ActivePresenter is a secure application that allows users to record their screen behavior by adding texts, audio, and video files. As well as, transition effects and to create interactive presents.

Well Designed Application:

ActivePresenter is a specialist software program designed to help you record and edit files on a video screen. It used as an educational tool because it helps you to construct detailed presentations with notes and tips.


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At first glance, the interface may appear a little daunting, but only because the software comes with numerous unique parameters. Users can choose from a number of capture modes using ActivePresenter. By pressing a key or clicking on the mouse you can record the computer screen operation.

In addition, you can choose to use a full-screen recording mode, insert text messages, use voice-overs and different sound, and embed transition effects. You can export this project in AVI, WMV, and MP4 formats.

An intelligent event action framework that allows users to identify different methods of learning based on student responses is one of the top features of ActivePresenter.

The possibility to edit audio and video files are also remarkable for this usefulness, as you can perform the following operations: cutting, deleting, planting, splitting, melting, volume adjustment, and insert frame.

Additional significant features allow you to create presentations that can be personalized in lines, filling patterns, text styles, and shadow effects, choose a variety of transition effects ( e.g., fade, move, wipe) or set up the frame rate and quality video parameters.

You can also edit images, use the Speech-to-Text feature, imitate cursor movement, and allow spell checking.

Last but not least, SCORM-compliant packages supported by the utility. Which can be integrated into any method of learning management. Using lighting to attract students’ attention to important data, inserting video or audio files into a diapositive. As well as, covering insecure data with blurring software, or setting up passwords.

Key Features and Highlights ActivePresenter:

Intelligent Capture:
If the mouse clicks or key pressed, catch the screen. Also, every action depicted as a diagram that outlines what the student needs to follow to master the lesson.

Recording Full Motion:
Film screen in full motion with notes, voice-over, zoom-pan, locked titles, and animation effects and insert into a slide.

Recording of Microphone & Speakers:
Record the microphone input and audio device during the screen recording. There is also a separate recording of voice-over and narration.

[New] webcam Recording:
Simultaneously record screen and webcam or record webcam videos separately, depending on your needs.

Editing of audio and video:
Without any loss of quality edit audio and video. Cutting, removing, cropping, separating, joining, blowing. As well as, adjusting playback pace, increasing volume, and adding a freeze-frame are all assisted activities.

Color and Impact (Style):
Make high-quality, polished screencast videos and simulations with different line/fill/text types and shadow effects.

Video Green Screen [New] Effect:
Integrate live-action imagery to improve video displays by integrating two chroma images/videos.

Export content to common MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, and MKV formats. As well as, Controlled display sizes with content choices, frame rate, and keyframe.

Even More Features:

Freeform & Shapes [Strengthened]:
Pick from hundreds of forms. Using freeform Shape and Scribble, draw personalized vector forms and directions.

Responsive design [New]:
Designing eLearning content that is completely sensitive, mobile-ready. As well as, Standard projects quickly turn to reactive projects.

The versatile system of events and activities with rich events and types of action enables various learning scenarios to be described at each point based on viewers’ responses.

Build almost any kind of evaluation or survey with nine separate questions.

Randomization and slide pool:
Build random professional slide pool and random slides to prevent viewers from recalling and anticipating responses.


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Export HTML5 content to any modern web browser or smartphone, PC, macOS, iOS. As well as, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

Supporting SCORM and xAPI, the two most common eLearning specifications widely supported by many LMS.

Bottom Line:

In summary, ActivePresenter bundles all the required features to record and create immersive presentations for your screen operation.

Note: Watermark on output for any file format except for videos.
ActivePresenter WIKIPEDIA:

ActivePresenter 2020 Pros & Cons:



Screen recording and video tutorials are easy. Scorm and PNG and JPEG files are limited to export options.
Can be translated into various video formats easily.


Format: ZipFile

Size: 54.9 MB

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